Risk Masters’ professional training courses have been enthusiastically received by participants across North America. Most participants are Information Security professionals, Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery specialists, IT Auditors and Risk Managers.

Why are these courses so successful? What differentiates Risk Masters’ professional training classes?
  • All of Risk Masters’ courses are seminar/workshops. Participants perform hands-on assignments to reinforce their learning. That means that attendees actually put in practice the skills they just learned about from the instructor.
  • Each course is built around an on-going case study. Each assignment builds on the prior one, just as they do in the real world. Participants get to think through a practical situation, from start to finish, much as they will do in their own organizations.
  • All Risk Masters courses are led by highly experienced professionals. All of us at Risk Masters have a minimum of 25 years of relevant experience. Attendees will interact with people who are deep in the subject matter of each course.
  • The seminar/workshops are taught by the same professionals who developed the courses. Others may develop a course and then hire instructors to teach it. Risk Masters believes that teachers can only be effective when they bring their own experiences to the material being delivered.

Risk Masters Seminar/Workshops

Auditing Security, Resilience and Controls in the Cloud…and Beyond

Introduces participants to the systems architecture concepts and practices that are being used to use to design, build and audit security, resilience and controls as the traditional data center disappears.
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Prevention, Detection and Recovery from Cyberattacks (2 days)

Presents individuals responsible for dealing with cyberattacks to the principles and practice of prevention, detection and recovery from hostile actions against computer systems.
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The Cyber Threat: A Seminar/Workshop for Audit Professionals

Focuses on the role auditors can play in assuring that their organizations are taking appropriate measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Learn More

Data Privacy for IT Auditors and Information Security Professionals (2 days)

Introduces attendees to the principles, practices, legislation and governance of Personal Information Privacy.
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Creating (and Keeping) an Information Security Culture

Presents practical measures to move the attitudes of senior and middle management, along with working staff, towards an effective Information Security Culture.
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Introduction to IT Disaster Recovery (1 day)

Explains the basic methodology and techniques that have proved successful for building and sustaining IT Disaster Recovery capabilities.
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IT Disaster Recovery: A Master Class (2 days)

Provides those responsible for planning, executing and maintaining IT resilience and Disaster Recovery Plans with the skills and techniques to do their jobs better.
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Modern Techniques for Risk Assessment

Learn techniques that are being used by advanced risk practitioners that are the most applicable to contemporary enterprises.
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Risk Masters’ training fees are intended for both professional societies and companies seeking in-house training.
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