IT Disaster Recovery Planning
Risk Masters knows that IT recovery plan is more than a set of procedures. Based on a firm understanding of your infrastructure, your business and your applications we assist you to design the recovery architecture that meet your needs, in the Cloud, in your own data centers or at a third-party facility. We help you to implement the necessary technology and then document the processes and scripts that will be needed at the time of a major disruption to your information systems

Business Continuity Management Services
Risk Masters’ specialists are business people with a deep understanding of the risks to your continuity of operations. Risk Masters can assist you with a wide range of services focused on keeping them in business when a major disruption strikes. We perform assessment, analyze business impacts and requirements, develop strategies, write Business Continuity Plans, train your people, exercise the plans and assist you to continuously improve them.

Information Security
The issues of security go well beyond the software and tools used by technicians, especially with regard to cybersecurity. Risk Masters’ PACERTM methodology addresses the broad range of challenges cyberattacks pose to enterprises. Risk Masters can help you to measure the risks to your information resources and formulate the optimum security architecture: organizational, technical, operational and managerial. We not only help you build security, but also a culture that supports security for your entire enterprise.

Testing and Exercising
Risk Masters understands that solutions to business risks are meaningless if not thoroughly tested and proven. We can assist you to prepare for, execute and gain value from tests of your IT Recovery, Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Incident Response plans. We assist you in everything from a table-top exercise to a full, integrated simulation of an actual event. We use these tests both to educate your management and staff and as a driver for constructive change.

Risk and Crisis Management
Understanding the risks your organization faces and taking the right actions if they occur can be the difference between preserving and squandering your organization's value. Risk Masters’ can serve you with advanced techniques for measuring and managing risk, combined with Crisis Management Planning approaches that have been proven in the crucible of real experience.

Information Technology Infrastructure AssuranceTM Services
Risk Masters goes beyond the routine in assisting you to manage the risks in your IT infrastructure. Our unique Information Technology Infrastructure Assurance services help you to identify potentially damaging weaknesses in your data center architecture and your storage, network and software environment. We can help you to design solutions right for your environment and implement them to enable you to achieve both high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

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