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About Risk Masters

Risk Masters is a unique combination of talents.  We are not interested in growth for its own sake, but rather focus on serving important clients and performing valuable services in challenging projects.  In essence, we are a team of independent professionals who have teamed together under a common brand to perform projects that are more strategic and demanding than any one of us could do alone.  All our people have deep expertise in IT and risk disciplines.  

Most important of all, from our clients’ perspective, is that we insist on deep experience in relevant areas from all our people.  Everyone at Risk Masters has a minimum of 20 years in his or her field, which encompass Business Continuity Management, Information Technology and Recovery, Information Security, Risk Management and IT Auditing.  We say that “Experience Matters” because we have built our firm on that very foundation.

Therefore, we are proud to say that Risk Masters can assign a Client Service Team to any project with greater experience, expertise, talent and qualifications for every team member than any other company that we know.  Our clients are served by a team of deep specialists, not a senior person with a band of trainees.  We do not propose to serve every potential client, but when we do we have depth in all the disciplines needed to satisfy and exceed our clients’ requirements.
Risk Masters' Client Service Philosophy

Risk Masters believes that the only successful basis of consulting services is mutual trust between our clients and ourselves. We actively seek relationships of confidence, a shared vision of our client's needs and an openness to a variety of solutions. For our part, we believe that we have a professional obligation to:

Undertake projects only when we believe that we are uniquely qualified to serve our clients. We do not respond to every consulting opportunity that comes along; we focus on challenging projects for companies that are themselves leaders in their fields.

Staff every project with seasoned specialists. Risk Masters does not have and never will have any junior staff. We are all full-time consultants, each with a minimum of 20 years of relevant experience. Insist on quality in everything we do.

Insist on quality in everything we do. Every deliverable we present to clients has gone through a rigorous Quality Assurance process including review and approval by one or more Principals of the firm.

Partner with our clients. Risk Masters is more interested in relationships than in short-term projects. We aim to advise our clients with assessments, plans, strategies and implementations. We work with them to accomplish their goals.

Provide advisory services based on facts. We enter into engagements without any preconceived notions and offer our professional advice in the client’s best interests, without bias or favoritism.

Get it right. We stand behind our work and assure client satisfaction, so that the deliverables we produce meet or exceed the stated project goals. We will keep at it until our clients receive fair value for their investment in our services.
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